Acoustic pods in a post-covid era

With lockdown lifting, and back to the office plans mobilising, we’re receiving an increasing number of enquiries about breakout furniture, including acoustic pods. So, is there a place for acoustic pods in a post-covid world? Absolutely. And here’s why:

  • Office environments need to work harder to welcome colleagues back
    Whilst we’re confident that COVID-19 is slowly but surely dissipating, there is a mixed feeling towards working back in the office full time. Most employers are communicating a hybrid return to the office where staff can straddle their time between working from home and coming into the office for one-two days per week. This allows in-office capacity to be staggered whilst providing a golden opportunity for staff to work together in real life.

    Acoustic pods is a type of breakout furniture which brings variety to the office workplace; colleagues can work at their desks, or work in a ventilated pod.

  • Acoustic pods provide a relaxed space for solo working
    By their very nature, acoustic pods are a form of socially distanced furniture – great for colleagues who want to ‘get away’ from their usual desk setup for a refreshed change of scenery. Closed and open acoustic pods are ideal for video conferencing – they provide a private space for both creative and confidential conversations. 

  • Acoustic pods allow flexible reconfiguration of office space
    No building permissions are required to install an acoustic pod into the office which make them incredibly versatile for companies who require flexible office space. We find many of our customers require additional space for ‘hot desk’ colleagues, training sessions or 1-2-1 meetings. Rather than extend an office floorplan, which can be costly, or rent additional meeting rooms – acoustic pods are a cost effective solution. 

  • They look great!
    Post-pandemic offices needn’t look sterile. Office culture is here to stay and many UK companies are investing in their office space in preparation for more workers returning to the office. Acoustic pods are a contemporary and quirky addition to any company, regardless of their brand. From schools, to social enterprises to FTSE 100 companies – acoustic pods are suitable for everyone.

  • Improve Office Acoustics

Acoustic pods obviously provide a noise controlled environment in which people can work privately or have confidential meetings but they also improve the outer office acoustics. The external wall elevations can be made with quality fabric that covers an absorbing substance which helps eliminate reverberation. This gives an extra benefit within the vicinity of the pod and should not be underestimated.

Acoustic Pod - Colorado model - perfect for post-covid offices

If you like the idea of acoustic pods but not sure how or where to best implement them into your office floorplan, why not drop our team a line