Acoustic Wall Art

Sequoia Investment Management Co. Ltd, a London based Investment Manager, approached AcousticPods to help with the provision of stylish acoustic wall art.

Acoustic Wall Art Tube Tunnel

Acoustic Art Panels

The new offices of the client required sound absorbing technology to help improve the sound reverberation within the offices, but it needed to look good and maintain the professional image of the business. AcousticPods have a huge selection of over 200 million royalty free images available to clients that are suitable for printing onto our acoustic materials and to create custom sized acoustic wall art panels.

The project involved the manufacture of several bespoke acoustic wall panels, each with a different full colour photo image that ranged from Underground Subway Tunnels to San Francisco’s unique Golden Gate Bridge image. The panels were produced and fully installed by the AcousticPods team using the newly developed fixing brackets that negate the need to use adhesive glue. This means that the acoustic wall art can be easily moved in the future with minimal making good required for the walls.

Acoustic Wall Art Bridge

Acoustic Art Panels


The largest panel was made at 2.5m x 1m and featured the “Light Trails in a Subway Tunnel” image.

All the images were carefully chosen by the client to provide the best aesthetics for the individual areas of the office including Boardroom, Open Plan Office and Reception area. These were printed on to our acoustic fabric and used to cover our substrate formed from glass wool technology acoustic absorbers. These provide very efficient sound absorbers especially for speech pattern frequencies.


Acoustic Wall Art Windmill

Acoustic Art Panels


“We are extremely pleased with our Acoustic Wall Art and are happy to recommend for their professional attitude and high-quality products”.

David Fussell, CFA
Sequoia Investment Management Co Ltd