Acoustic Wall Panels Help Noise Problems

AcousticPods have advised on improving noise issues and speech clarity at a Bristol based Architectural Practice

The Bristol based architectural practice Willmore Iles Architects had issues with the speech clarity and reverberation in one of their meeting rooms and contacted AcousticPods for assistance to improve this situation.

Andy from AcousticPods was able to view the current set-up of the meeting room and discuss the issues that the client was facing. He quickly determined the acoustic reflective nature of the walls and ceiling were having an affect of the speech intelligibility within the room. He calculated the area coverage that would be required to improve the issue and advised the client on the most suitable acoustic products.

Wall mounted acoustic absorption panels were recommended to provide the necessary improvement in “noise echo” within the meeting space. These combined with the suggested suspended acoustic rafts would allow for an improvement in the acoustics of the meeting room environment. It was also important that the noise solution was very discreet and carried through the subdued decorative nature of the meeting space.

Acoustic Wall Panels

“Many thanks to you and your team for the mighty swift installation of the surface-fixed wall panels and wire-hung ceiling panels in our office meeting room. The panels have solved the acoustic issues in an elegant and unobtrusive way; speech is now clear, warm and “natural”. We thank you for your excellent advice and fast response times, and look forward to working with you again in the future.”
Julian Owen RIBA
for Willmore Iles Architects

Noise Absorbing Wall Panel

Ceiling Mounted Acoustic Rafts