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Another space saving solution for school

Do you need more classroom space?

Space in schools will always be premium, even more so during the pandemic what with headteachers having to manage social distancing throughout the pandemic. Space to play, learn in small groups and seek 1-2-1 teacher time can be created thanks to acoustic pods, a key piece of school furniture.

Acoustic Pods have worked with St John’s School in Gravesend to provide our unique demountable school pods. These have been placed within the existing reception space which provides three additional enclosed spaces for private discussions. The pods feature an acoustic ceiling with lighting and an air exchange unit to maintain a comfortable environment for meetings and discussions. Visitors to the school who wish to have a private chat with staff have easy accessibility to the pods in reception, without having to seek out a classroom which may be in use during school hours or booked out for extra-curricular activities.

I have visited the school site this morning and I am absolutely delighted with the pods – they are truly first –rate, look exceptional, and they will make an incredible difference to the provision and support we are able to afford to students and their parents.

Thank you for everything you did to make this project run so smoothly and well, particularly given the tight turn around –  I am aware you and Lynn needed to collaborate extensively in a very short time scale and I really do appreciate both of your wonderful efforts on it.
Dan Walton – Head Teacher

Our school process

We began with a full site survey and creation of a CAD plan of the area with the chosen school pods placed sympathetically amongst the existing facilities that exist in reception. Part glazed wall elevations on the pods allow for natural light to permeate into the reception area for the benefit of staff and gives a visual connection to the outside as well as a pleasant aspect for anyone in the pods.

Careful adjustment of the demountable meeting rooms was needed to allow access to nearby utility access doors and for window cleaning. Our design team visited the school team to mark out the exact pod positions to ensure feasibility design of the scheme worked exactly as they required.

We future-proofed the pods with a clever modification that will allow for the integration of air-conditioning or heating in the future if it is ever needed.

Acoustic pods in the reception area of St John's School in Kent

Photo sent in from a happy customer

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