Case Study

Nov 13, 2017

Office Acoustics – Office Sounds So Good

The Solutions 4 Office acoustics team were asked to survey a client’s sales office. The office was in a converted former executive dining area which featured lots of windows and hard surfaces. The staff occupancy and density was very high and noise had become a big issue affecting productivity...


Aug 03, 2016

Solve Noise Problems in Offices

AcousticPods.co.uk were asked to help with noise problems at a new clients building. Located in Exeter in the architect informed refurbishment of Wat Tyler House, Exeter CVS is working with local organisations and individuals to build a thriving wellbeing community. The building features a central pathway between both open...


Jun 02, 2015

Acoustics Testimonial

“Having worked with the team at AcousticPods.co.uk for a number of years I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to any potential clients. They take a great interest in the science of acoustics and understand the requirements of customers which is the basis for the correct assessment...