Noise Control in Receptions

Typically acoustics in reception areas can be some of the poorest performing. It’s a shame since the reception area is very often the first impression that clients get of a business. Improving the acoustics can make a huge difference to the perception about your company.

Free hanging acoustic panels that are suspended above the reception area or atrium designed to absorb and impact upon sound energy that can cause noise issues.

High density glass wool baffles feature a special absorbent acoustic surface. Various sizes and colours are available

Key Features

  1. Creative installation can inspire aesthetic designs to enhance the reception area.
  2. Specifically designed to help acoustics where many hard surfaces exist.
  3. Use in open plan areas, restaurants or shopping centres.
  4. Lightweight.
  5. Numerous fixing options

All sound attenuation is affected by the environment in which our acoustic baffles are used

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Prices from £95 +vat