Acoustic Doors for Storage units

We can make use of every surface in the modern office to increase capabilities to reduce office noise

Storage units traditionally tend to have solid hard surface door closures that reflect sound energy directly back into the office

The hard surface can also resonate acting as an “amplifier” to transmit noise and increase volumes

Our acoustic doors offer a direct replacement to existing storage closures. These feature a perforated outer skin backed by acoustic material internal structure which absorbs noise that enters through the surface pores.

The unique design helps trap the sound energy preventing it from bouncing back to the office space

Key Features

  1. Highly efficient up to 75% sound absorption.
  2. Addresses some of the worst offending reverberation issues.
  3. Replacement acoustic doors.
  4. Targets most annoying sound frequencies.
  5. Simple solution

Add-ons include

  1. Locks.
  2. handles.

All sound attenuation is affected by the environment in which our acoustic products are used

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Prices from £300 + vat