2-Person Acoustic Pod

A fully enclosed demountable 2-person acoustic space for privacy in a relaxed comfortable environment. We manufacture this as a 2-person acoustic pod ideal for phone calls, video conferences, interviews and private meetings.

Key Features

  1. Top performing, 70mm thick, acoustic panels.
  2. Simple to move and reconfigure.
  3. Free Standing so no building regs or licences needed.
  4. Acoustic ceiling and walls achieving a high level of speech privacy.
  5. Science led sound reduction and sound absorption.
  6. Allows free flow of existing air conditioning
  7. Demountable so no future dilapidation costs associated with alternative traditional partition equivalents
  8. Integrated lighting with PIR
  9. Aesthetic modern design

Add-ons Include

  1. Electrical Loom & Ventilation, integrated power and data sockets

All sound attenuation is affected by the environment in which our pods are used

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Prices from £7,600 + vat