Acoustic Pods for Facilities

Office technology such as printers and copiers can be noisy and be the cause of excessive disturbance in the office arena.

Our dedicated acoustic pods for printers and copiers offer enclosures for office machines that help to control the noise and are beneficial in an open plan area

The printer pods also double as an aesthetic cover for recycling and confidential waste.

Key Features

  1. Specialist acoustic absorber panels.
  2. Free standing.
  3. Easily moved and reconfigured.
  4. Upgradeable.
  5. Incorporated acoustic ceiling adds to effectiveness
  6. Economical space efficient design
  7. Modular to allow future adaptation for new technologies

Add-ons Include

  1. Electrical Loom & Ventilation, integrated power and data sockets
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Prices from £8,300 + vat