Air Acoustic Pods

Our Air acoustic pods are completely reconfigurable modular meeting rooms or office rooms. They were born from the need to have private space in open plan offices for physical and acoustic privacy. Many years of planning and design have helped to deliver our superior air acoustic pod range that can be manufactured in variety of sizes to meet our clients needs. We can tailor the wall coverings to allow the use of glass, fabric, wood, metal, mfc. laminate and many other options within the air acoustic pods.

Fully enclosed acoustic pods for greater privacy

Completely reconfigurable meeting pods for the ultimate flexibility, giving longevity of use and the best environmental choice.

We manufacture to any size and provision for any number of staff.

Key Features

  1. Back to Back versions provide for great cost savings through a “panel share” system
  2. Easy to move and reconfigure
  3. Replaces the need for inflexible permanent rooms to be built
  4. Integrated acoustic ceiling
  5. Demountable so no future dilapidation costs associated with alternative tradition partition equivalents
  6. Integrated lighting
  7. Hinged or sliding glass doors are available
  8. Air exchange unit included

Add-ons Include

  1. Integrated power and data sockets
  2. Dedicated furniture

All sound attenuation is affected by the environment in which our pods are used

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