Partial Glazed Acoustic Pods

Glazing to our acoustic pods creates good aesthetics and good lighting

Glazing can be incorporated in all of our acoustic hubs that have ceilings

Hinged or sliding doors are available with the hinged version offering the best acoustic performance

Key Features

  1. Reverberation time less than 0.2 seconds*.
  2. Articulation index 0.10*.
  3. Can be used individually or in clusters.
  4. External walls give 28dB sound reduction with solid MDF sound blocking elements incorporated into the panels*.
  5. Optimum noise reduction in the speech frequencies
  6. Integrated lighting with PIR
  7. Free Standing and easily moved

Add-ons Include

  1. Integrated power and data sockets, nameplate, magnetic whiteboard, media and comms equipment

*Lab tested to UKAS standard, fully compliant with current laboratory test standards
All sound attenuation is affected by the environment in which our pods are used

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Prices from £8,800 + vat