Acoustic Wall Panels

High density glass wool panels provide an excellent substrate for sound energy absorbing panels capable of absorbing up to 95% of the sound that reaches them.

The support profiles are made from galvanised steel or aluminium for strength and durability.

Standard panel size is 2700x1200mm

Key Features

  1. Absorb up to 95% of the sound that reach them.
  2. White finish as standard but colours available for quantity.
  3. 40mm thick panel.
  4. Cost effective.
  5. “A class” sound absorption*
  6. Reduces sound pressure
  7. Helps eliminate the echo caused by sound bouncing back from hard wall surfaces
  8. Easy to install
  9. Used in conjunction with each other they can reduce room modes

*In accordance with international standard EN ISO 11654

All sound attenuation is affected by the environment in which our acoustic baffles are used

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Prices from £230 + vat