Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Wall System

Fabric wall system comprises an internal core of highly efficient sound absorbing material to achieve an NRC of 0.8 at 40 mm thick.

Plastic profiles are designed for tensioned fabric to be stretched over the sound absorbing core and can be bullnose, straight or bevelled.

This flexible system allows the panel to be installed around windows, doors and other elements in a room without having to install separate panels.

The fabric is available in several different colours from Camira Lucia range.

This product is ideal for the control of reverberation in a room, improving the speech intelligibility and increasing the acoustic comfort.

Key Features

  1. 25 or 40mm acoustic foam attached to a backing board.
  2. Allows printed images to be used for enhanced aesthetics.
  3. Large continuous coverage of wall space.
  4. Economical.
  5. Large choice of fabric colours

Add-ons include

  1. Printed images.

All sound attenuation is affected by the environment in which our acoustic wall panels are used

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Prices from £120 per sqm + vat