Q. Do we need planning permission for your acoustic pods?
A. No, our acoustic pods don’t require planning permission as they are free standing and de-mountable. They sit directly on your floor and are classed as furniture items

Q. Can your acoustic pods have electrical power and data sockets in them?
A. Yes, we can fit a huge number of power, data and comms units into our pod walls. These are simple plug and play. We provide the cables to plug into your existing sockets whether the sockets are on the floor, walls or ceiling.

Q. Do your enclosed acoustic pods get stuffy inside?
A. No, we fit air exchange units into the ceiling of the pods that can be directed to draw fresh air into the pod or reversed to draw air out of the pod to allow fresh air to enter from floor level. Our site survey determines the best setting according to your individual space.

Q. How do the lights and air exchange units get powered in your enclosed acoustic pods?
A. A simple power lead comes out of the pod and plugs into standard 13-amp power socket. It’s easy, just plug and play.

Q. Why should we buy your acoustic pods?
A. To help improve privacy for offices, meetings or discussions

Q. How effective are your acoustic pods?
A. We have a range of acoustic pods and booths with a scale of effectiveness to match your needs. Pods with ceilings are more effective at reducing noise than those without.

Q. Can we move your acoustic pods once installed?
A. Yes our pods are designed to be de-mountable so they can be easily relocated across your building

Q. What is the difference between speech privacy and speech intelligibility?
A. Essentially these are two opposites. Speech intelligibility is the clarity with which a listener can hear and understand speech. Speech privacy is the measure of the limit within which speech is private between the speaker and the designated listener(s)

Q. Can you help with improving speech privacy
A. Yes our products can help improve speech privacy and usually a combination of our sound absorbing, sound blocking and sound covering will help.

Q. Can you improve speech intelligibility?
A. Yes we can help alter the reverberation time and ambient noise of an area to improve clarity of speech. This is usually accomplished by using absorption products to cut down on reflected noise.

Q. How long does it take to install your acoustic pods?
A. A small basic pod can be installed in an hour or so. A large pod with a ceiling, lighting and electrics may take a whole day to install.

Q. Are your acoustic pods sound proofed?
A. No, and you would not want to work in a truly soundproofed pod. These are rare, extremely expensive and generally used in technical research. People are limited in the amount of time they can spend in them as they can affect balance and cause nausea.

Q. What is reverberation time?
A. This is a measure of the time that it takes for sound energy (at a specific frequency) within an area to decay 60dB after the sound source has stopped. Within an open plan office the normal maximum recommended Reverberation Time is 0.8seconds. Put simply if you clap your hands in an area and the sound takes a noticeable time to “disappear” then you likely have an acoustic problem causes by too many hard surfaces reflecting sound energy.