Acoustic Pods

Noise in the office can be distracting and is one of the most important causes of stress in the workplace. Some noise in the office can be accustomed to, so it is not distracting and staff become attuned to this background noise and are less disturbed by it.

However humans are tuned to focus on sound energy frequencies that correspond to speech and as such the noise of voice communication is normally the biggest issue facing staff particularly in open plan areas. Distracting noise creates dissatisfaction of employees within the office and this can lead to irritation, stress, low motivation and a reduced performance. Helping address these problems is our key motivation and we have a host of acoustic pods and acoustic products with vast experience in office acoustics to assist business improve staff morale, staff retention, staff recruitment and the financial bottom line.

Benefits of acoustic pods

  1. Noise control from an aesthetic feature rich product
  2. Acoustic pods present a cost effective alternative to building rooms
  3. Completely flexible, our acoustic pods can be reconfigured and moved easily
  4. Unlike building works acoustic pods can move with you so no dilapidation costs
  5. Acoustic pods are not constrained under building regulations
  6. Acoustic pods can be used for a multitude of purposes from meetings to private working
  7. Stylish design piece of furniture that helps alleviate noise issues in offices
  8. Extensive range of sizes, designs and colours for our acoustic pods
  9. Integrated lighting, data and power
  10. Flexible range of acoustic pods for different budgets

Why improve your acoustic environment?

  1. Reduce employee stress
  2. Increase employee job satisfaction*
  3. Support higher performance and efficiency of staff
  4. Improve speech clarity in meeting rooms
  5. Make communication clearer
  6. Create a more comfortable environment
  7. Improve privacy of meeting rooms