Case Study

Jan 17, 2019

Acoustic Artwork

Acoustic Artwork helps with noise problems in the office environment FreshPLUS is a service provision company based in rural Kent. They have serviced office suites for rental – recently one of these offices was fitted with bespoke wooden flooring which resulted in a small echo when multiple team members...

Case Study

Oct 15, 2018

Acoustic Wall Art

Sequoia Investment Management Co. Ltd, a London based Investment Manager, approached AcousticPods to help with the provision of stylish acoustic wall art. The new offices of the client required sound absorbing technology to help improve the sound reverberation within the offices, but it needed to look good and maintain...

Case Study

Jun 19, 2018

Reduce Meeting Room Noise

Our acoustics team were able to help improve reverberation problems in several meeting rooms to reduce meeting room noise. Our client had significant problems with sound reverberation in their meeting rooms. This was exacerbated by the predominance of many hard surfaces in these rooms which included window glazing, a solid...

Case Study

Nov 13, 2017

Office Acoustics – Office Sounds So Good

The Solutions 4 Office acoustics team were asked to survey a client’s sales office. The office was in a converted former executive dining area which featured lots of windows and hard surfaces. The staff occupancy and density was very high and noise had become a big issue affecting productivity...

Case Study

May 15, 2017

Acoustic Wall Panels Help Noise Problems

AcousticPods have advised on improving noise issues and speech clarity at a Bristol based Architectural Practice The Bristol based architectural practice Willmore Iles Architects had issues with the speech clarity and reverberation in one of their meeting rooms and contacted AcousticPods for assistance to improve this situation. Andy from...


Aug 03, 2016

Solve Noise Problems in Offices were asked to help with noise problems at a new clients building. Located in Exeter in the architect informed refurbishment of Wat Tyler House, Exeter CVS is working with local organisations and individuals to build a thriving wellbeing community. The building features a central pathway between both open...

Nov 24, 2015

How to control noise in the workplace

The problem of noise at work Almost any workplace can be a noisy environment and noise problems in turn can have a negative effect on efficiency, staff morale and in extreme cases can even result in permanent hearing damage. Noise problems are not exclusive to heavy industry and many...


Jun 11, 2015

Our new range of Polymer Acoustic Wall Panels

The launch of our new range of Polymer Acoustic Wall Panels comes after extensive research and development to manufacture a cost effective but highly efficient noise reducing product. The polymer acoustic panels make use of recycled polyester to create “green” lightweight and best priced panels up to 2.4 by...


Jun 02, 2015

Acoustics Testimonial

“Having worked with the team at for a number of years I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to any potential clients. They take a great interest in the science of acoustics and understand the requirements of customers which is the basis for the correct assessment...

Case Study

Jun 01, 2015

NHS Acoustic Pods

The mental health division of an NHS Foundation Trust were looking for a substantial solution to provide discreet assessment areas for patients. The requirement was for confidential meeting spaces that offered good sound suppression and conversation privacy levels but that were cost effective and were portable. The trust were...