Privacy pod for VIPs

2021, year of the privacy pod. We were inundated with enquiries from schools, R&D hubs and co-working spaces, so it’s no surprise then that these versatile office pods caught the eye of a major sports franchise.

Our sister company Solutions 4 Office  have been working to design a VIP pod for a sports brand to provide a private space for VIP guests. The intense design work involved producing prototype products, site visits to existing clients and creating numerous CAD drawings. It’s been a long-running, but rewarding, process in that has pushed the boundaries of what we can achieve with our in-house pod designs.

Acoustic pod with privacy vinyl

Concept prototype showing blackout windows for privacy

The VIP privacy pods were wrapped in amazing vinyl graphics that carried the clients’ branding and theme.  Commissioned from their own contractors, it looks amazing and has given us a heap of inspiration for future pod solutions.

In January 2022, the project completed. The acoustic pods have been well received and thanks to their demountable nature and been deployed across multiple countries to support the clients VIP campaign.

Key benefits of privacy pods include:

  • Provide a well needed oasis of calm within busy office locations
  • They don’t require planning permission as they are free standing and de-mountable
  • Improve privacy for offices, meetings or discussions (sound absorption)

To learn more about our privacy pods (acoustic pods), please email Richard or Andy via the contact page.